Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask

Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask is the first Banksy mural to be released to the public in the form of a fractionalized NFT.

Widely thought to be Banksy’s first use of his recurring primates theme, the original physical work has been reimagined in a whole new medium and stored on the blockchain as the fractionalized Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask NFT.

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Fractionalized Fine Art

  • Using the power of the blockchain and the benefits of NFT ownership, the 10,000 NFT collection lets holders own a piece of Banksy's Gorilla in a Pink Mask.
  • Become part of Art-to-NFT history and own a valuable and unique piece of digital art.
  • One lucky holder will win $50,000 in ETH when half the collection is minted.
  • When the collection is fully minted, holders will go into a random draw to win Banksy’s Refugees mural, a physical artwork with a potential value of $1 Million.

Rarity - Every NFT represents a unique digital artwork

A Rarity Score is derived from the prevalence of the coloured pixels and is ranked from 1 to 100, with 1 being the rarest. Just 16 NFTs are categorised as Epic and while the Super Rare (362 NFTs) and Rare (1492) will also be highly sought after, even the Standard NFTs, of which there are 8130, will represent a unique piece of modern art.

An algorithm reduced the original 128 colours to the pixel intensity of the five key colours - pink, dark grey, light grey, ochre and sand. The frequency of the colours’ appearance in the fraction and the pixel intensity give each NFT a unique quality.

Each NFT also has a Gorilla stamp which represents the purity of the fractions. A Gold stamp represents fractions that are primarily comprised of a single colour. There are 16 NFTs with a Gold Gorilla stamp with the remaining NFTs stamped with a Silver Gorilla (31 NFTs), Bronze (44) and Black (9909).

What is the Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask NFT?

  • Gorilla in a Pink Mask has been digitized and split into 10,000 fractions, each of which is magnified 40 times. The resulting NFT shows the pixelated fraction along with the purity level of the colours and their rarity.
  • The NFT rotates to reveal the full artwork with crosshairs pinpointing the precise location of the fraction.

Exposed Walls

Exposed Walls specialises in the preservation and renovation of street art. Works on the verge of being lost to history have been painstakingly restored to their former glory by the team of experts from the UK-based company.

Banksy Breaking the rules (Glasgow)

Banksy Achoo Old Lady (Bristol)

Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask (Bristol)

Who is Banksy?

Banksy is a UK-based street artist whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of much speculation. Active since the 1990s, his street art combines humour and graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have appeared on streets, walls and bridges in the UK and throughout the world.

Win Banksy’s Refugees mural with a potential value of over $1 million

  • If you've ever wanted to own a valuable piece of famous art this project could be your chance.
  • Exposed Walls currently own the Banksy mural, 'Refugees'. And we're looking to give it away to one lucky winner!
  • Once every NFT has been minted, Banksy’s Refugees mural, thought to be worth more than $1 million, will be awarded to a lucky holder.
  • Another of Banksy’s early works, the Refugees artwork was removed from the back of an apartment yard in Scotland in 2020 and restored by Exposed Walls.
  • Every Gorilla in a Pink Mask NFT you hold is a ticket in the random draw for the Banksy Refugees.

Mint more NFTs to increase your chance of winning!

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$50,000 in ETH awarded at 5000 mints

After 50% of the Banksy Gorilla in a Pink Mask NFTs have been minted, Exposed Walls will randomly draw a token ID from the pool of minted NFTs and award $50,000 in Ethereum to the owner. More details about the random draw and how it will be conducted will be revealed in the coming weeks.


Exposed Walls hopes that the physical artwork will one day be housed in a museum. If the original artwork does change hands, a dividend will be awarded to owners who acquired Gorilla in a Pink Mask NFT on the primary market.

Charitable Causes

A proportion of the proceeds from the NFT mint will be donated to The Gorilla Organization and Developing Health and Independence (DHI), a charity which helps disadvantaged people and those living on the margins of society turn their lives around.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Minting Your NFT

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  • Connect your Metamask wallet. Once you’re connected enter the number of NFTs you’d like and then click Mint.
  • The total cost including gas fees will be visible. Once you confirm your NFT will appear in your Metamask wallet.
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